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Q: How should our ministry respond to a subpoena?

... It’s usually best to respond as requested. However, there are certain times when a ministry may want to fight a subpoena...

Q: What liability insurance limits do ministries need?

...There are four factors to consider when selecting liability limits:  likelihood of loss, the church's assets, the likely damages that would be awarded, and the ministry's "appetite for risk."

Q: How helpful are charitable immunity laws?

...Many states have enacted charitable immunity laws as a way to help protect volunteer workers from being sued in connection with their volunteer service....

Q: Our ministry is being sued. What should we do?

...You should promptly provide a copy of the lawsuit to your ministry's attorney and seek counsel on how to respond appropriately...

Q: What do I need to know about state child abuse reporting laws?

...If you don't take proper action regarding allegations of child abuse, you and your ministry may be subject to civil and criminal liability, so make sure you are compliant with reporting laws...

Q: What insurance protection does our ministry need for a construction project?

...Your ministry will need liability insurance, but there are other risks associated with building projects that require special insurance...

Q: What should ministry leaders know about contracts?

...Ministry leaders should know how to recognize the rights and responsibilities of the ministry in any contract...

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