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Q: What risk management issues are associated with lending our church facility to an outside group?

A: Knowing who will be using your facility and for what purpose can help avoid risk management issues.

Work with an attorney to create a written agreement for the use of the facility.

Keep your church in safe condition. Work with an attorney to create a written agreement for the use of the facility.

A written agreement should :

  • Describe what parts of the facility will be used, the times and days of usage, and the purposes for which the facility will be used.
  • Contain detailed insurance requirements for the group using your facility.
  • Include a hold-harmless, indemnity and defense clause for any liability claim.

In addition, we recommend that insurance requirements should:
  • Include at least a $1 million limit of liability coverage in a commercial liability policy.
  • Require that your church be listed as an additional insured for liability damages that are a result of the group's activities on your premises.
  • Mandate that the other party provides your church with a certificate of insurance as proof of coverage.
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