Church Lay Counseling Risk Management Guidebook

The Church Lay Counseling Risk Management Guidebook can help equip church and ministry leaders as they develop lay counseling programs for their organizations.

What's Included?

This guidebook is a virtual textbook that provides the groundwork for establishing a safe setting for spiritual care and counseling with the help of policies and forms.

This 28-page guidebook provides educational information in seven chapters of material:

  1. Church Lay Counseling, Spiritual Care Ministries
  2. Creating a Safe Ministry Environment
  3. Developing a Screening Program
  4. Creating a Written Lay Counseling Policy
  5. Lay Counselor Training and Supervision
  6. Educating Ministry Leaders and Church Members
  7. The Importance of Insurance in Managing Risk
Quick and Easy Tools

The Church Lay Counseling Risk Management Guidebook also includes and an easy-reference checklist for developing a lay counseling ministry, a sample lay counseling policy framework, and sample forms, including:

  • Sample lay counselor application form
  • Sample lay counselor renewal application form
  • Sample reference response information form

Download a free copy of this resource to share with other ministry leaders and lay counseling ministry program planners.