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Q: Are ministries allowed to remove disruptive people?

...When a ministry has reason to believe that a person will disrupt its service or activity, the ministry may either deny access or require the person to leave....

Q: Do concealed carry laws apply to our school ministry?

... Concealed carry laws vary from state to state. Work with a local attorney to determine what laws apply to schools in your state.

Q: How do we create a disaster response plan to help our community in the event of a natural disaster?

...If you choose to minister during a crisis by offering your facilities as a temporary shelter, evacuation center or emergency coordination center, you need to plan ahead...

Q: How do we prepare for violence in the church?

...First, form a team to assess the risks. Second, create a plan that establishes guidelines on how to respond to each risk...

Q: How should we respond to a demonstration at our ministry location?

...Ask church members, attendees, and guests to ignore demonstrators...

Q: How should we respond to individuals who disrupt a ministry service or event?

...Train ministry volunteers to persuade disruptive individuals to leave the sanctuary or event without using force...

Q: Should our church have armed security guards?

...Every church must make its own determination whether circumstances exist that warrant an an armed security team...

Q: Should our school ministry have armed security guards?

...Before you make weapons part of your school security plan, check with a local attorney to determine what laws apply to schools in your state...

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