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Q. Are there restrictions for using Internet images in ministry publications?

...Whether you're adding photographs to your ministry's website or creating a bulletin or brochure, keep in mind that copyright laws protect most creative works...

Q: Can our ministry use electronic signatures to sign documents?

...Electronic Signatures have the same function as their printed counterparts—they are an indication of a signer’s intent to agree to the terms of a document...

Q: How can our ministry reduce liability associated with youth texting/sexting activity?

...Ministries should inform staff, volunteers, and members about the dangers of texting/sexting, and should create a written policy on the subject...

Q: What information should my ministry include in its online privacy policy?

...Keep the following in mind when working with a local attorney to draft an online privacy policy for your ministry...

Q: What steps should our music ministry take to avoid copyright-related lawsuits?

...Gain permission for the proposed use of any photograph, song, film, or computer-generated image before using...

*Important information: Brotherhood Mutual is pleased to provide LegalAssistance as a complimentary resource. The services we offer through LegalAssistance are intended to provide general legal information to our current and prospective policyholders.

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