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[PDF]Developing a Risk Management Mindset

Find out where your ministry is vulnerable with these 18 safety self-checks.

[PDF]Camp Risk Management Checklist

Use this checklist to address camp risk management and develop a safety program to protect young campers so you can focus on your ministry.

Use Risk Assessments to Improve Church Safety & Church Security (video)

Conducting property risk assessments can help you discover problems hindering church safety. Look for ways to avoid fires, theft, accidents, and injuries.

Nursery Safety Procedures (video)

Following safety procedures in the nursery and children’s area allows churches to provide consistent care, even with a rotating staff

[PDF]Youth Activities Safety Checklist

Whether your youth ministry involves low-risk activities like boxing up canned goods for a food bank, or high-risk activities like rock climbing, this checklist helps you manage things safely.

The Big Book of Risk Management Checklists

The Big Book of Checklists contains questions on more than 40 topics that can help you quickly assess your ministry's safety status.

[PDF]Church Lay Counseling Risk Management Guidebook

The Church Lay Counseling Risk Management Guidebook can help equip church and ministry leaders as they develop lay counseling programs for their organizations.

[PDF]Creating a Risk Management Plan Checklist

Taking steps to prevent problems before they happen is the essence of risk management. This checklist can help you work through the process.

Checklists for Camps

Checklists for Camps is a practical, easy-to-use tool designed to help camp ministries of all sizes assess and address common risks. The manual contains downloadable checklists that are helpful for creating a risk management plan, training camp staff, supervising camp activities, and more. Download for free, and start managing your camping ministry's risks today!

Church Safety and Security: Establishing a Security Mindset

Performing assessments and acting on your findings can help you protect your ministry’s people and property.


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