A.M. Best Report

A(Excellent) Rating

What is the mark of a stable insurance company? How about a good rating from one of the industry's top analysts.

The following excerpt from our analysis from the A.M. Best Company reflects Brotherhood Mutual's solid position in the church and related ministry insurance market:

“The positive rating factors are derived from the company's conservative operating strategy, underwriting discipline and management's experience and extensive knowledge of its niche market. Despite competitive market conditions, the company has been able to penetrate its defined market and enter new states through offering a wide variety of programs and coverages.

While the company maintains above-average exposure to natural and manmade events, it continues to manage its catastrophe exposure through prudent risk management strategies, a quality reinsurance program and excellent spread of risk.

As a result, gross catastrophe leverage stemming from an earthquake as depicted in a probable maximum loss analysis (PML) has declined significantly over recent years while net catastrophe exposure remains at a level that would not have a material impact on capitalization.”

—Source: A.M. Best Report
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