Chairman's Message

We Carry the Burdens Together, So Ministries Can Thrive

Mark Robison

Some time ago, a local businessman approached me and thanked me for what Brotherhood Mutual does. The man, now retired, said that he would drive by our home office every morning while it was still dark. From the highway, he could see former president Paul Steiner kneeling in front of his desk, praying.

“I could only imagine that he was praying for the company and praying for the city and praying for the lives that you guys must touch,” the businessman said. “It meant something to me. It reminded me of who we are supposed to be.”

I love this story, because it reminds me of our company’s heritage.

Brotherhood Mutual was built by men and women who dedicated their lives to serving the church. Their commitment is woven so strongly into the character of our company that you can still see us living it out today—100 years later.

We care about helping those in need. We’re passionate about the reputation and mission of the church. We’re obsessed with loss prevention. And we want the work of our hands to have an eternal impact.

Last year was an incredible example. We had the opportunity to come alongside more than 11,000 ministries who experienced losses during the year. Some damage was minor, but a number of our customers encountered crises that threatened to pull them under. Through the restoration process, they are regaining the strength to thrive again.

We’re grateful to provide a safety net strong enough to support all of their needs, plus accommodate more than 2,000 new ministries who joined our family last year. Including our payroll customers, today we serve more than 55,000 ministries across America, including some of the nation’s largest.

Last year, we also passed the half-billion dollar mark in assets. This milestone is significant because it increases our capacity to carry the burdens of more churches, schools, camps, and ministries.

Our commitment to serve the church—and the people who are the church—is the heritage we stand on. Yet, we feel like we’re just getting started. As we begin our next century of service, we remain committed to carrying out our mission daily, advancing the Kingdom by serving the church.

Running together,

Mark A. Robison, CPA, CPCU
Chairman & President