Collinsville First Baptist Church

Photo courtesy of WTOK-TV, Meridian, Mississippi

Tornado Destroys; Church Rebuilds

Nothing could hide their joy as the members of Collinsville First Baptist Church in Mississippi reopened their doors Palm Sunday 2018. After nearly two years without a building to call home, they celebrated the restoration of their worship center with a baptism.

When a devastating EF-2 tornado tore through Collinsville in February 2016, the church became a casualty of the storm’s destructive path. Senior Pastor Wade Ricks and his family were inside the building at the time, taking cover in a safe room.

“We just heard things blowing around outside the door, but weren’t sure exactly what was happening,” Pastor Wade recalled.

After the tornado passed, Pastor Wade and his family emerged unharmed. They stepped into the hallway to examine the damage. Debris had blown in from outside and shattered a glass door. With a hopeful outlook, Pastor Wade thought to himself, “If this is the worst of it, we’re okay.”

A few steps further revealed the full damage: The roof had been completely ripped from the church, and the sanctuary and educational buildings lay in ruins.

Pastor Wade was shocked. “How in the world could this much damage happen so fast?” he wondered. Yet, in the face of total devastation, church leaders were determined to rebuild and to be a beacon for the community.

“Brotherhood Mutual told us what they were going to do for us, and they followed through." Senior Pastor Wade Ricks

Collinsville First Baptist Church was protected when tragedy struck. A property and liability insurance policy from Brotherhood Mutual® provided the resources to rebuild and for the 600-person congregation to continue gathering at another location while the construction process took place.

“Brotherhood Mutual told us what they were going to do for us, and they followed through,” Pastor Wade said.

The new building is built for safety and provides more functionality for the ministry.

“We’re a small, four-way-stop community, and now we have a state-of-the-art worship center that no one would ever expect to be here,” Pastor Wade said. “Brotherhood Mutual was here for us, every step of the way.”


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