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The Deacon's Bench Fall 2018

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This issue of The Deacon’s Bench focuses on a recipe for success in helping your leadership team do a quick self-assessment. We’ll look at best practices for boards to keep your ministry thriving, as well as flaws that could lead to consequences, if unchecked. Explore your impact on the well-being of your pastoral staff and learn about resources that promote a healthy work-life balance.

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Church Boards: The Board’s Role in Preventing Pastor Burnout

As a board, you have a direct impact on the well-being of your pastoral staff. Left unchecked, pastors are vulnerable to depression, isolation, and burnout—all of which can affect a ministry and its people. In addition to the article featured in this issue of The Deacon’s Bench, church boards can find learn more about how to help a pastor before, during, and after difficult times.

Who Helps the Helpers?

In this candid video, pastors explore why they entered ministry, where it started to go wrong, and how to reconnect to a Christ-centered purpose.



Hugh White

Guest Editorial

A message to pastors struggling with stress, burnout, and relationship challenges: You are not alone. Read how Full Strength Network is working to make every pastor a thriving pastor.

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Pastor Burnout

Scale it Down: How Boards of Small Churches Can Prevent Pastor Burnout

Is your pastor a one-man or -woman show? Learn how you can help the pastor who does it all.

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Insurance Checkup

Coverage Checkup

For the financial health, reputation, and long-term outlook for your church, it’s time for board members to start asking: Are we covered?

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The Risk of Leadership: 5 Problem Areas That Threaten Personal Assets

Ministry senior staff members and board members ask: “Can I be held personally responsible for liabilities of the ministry?” The short answer is yes.

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