Why Choose an Independent Agent?

 Research. Compare.

When searching for an insurance partner, it helps to be aware of the different types of agents in the industry: captive, independent, and broker.

  • Captive. Captive insurance agents are employees of the insurance carrier they represent. They work exclusively for that company and are obliged to give business only to them.
  • Independent. Independent insurance agents are employed by their agency—often a small local business. In most cases, they represent multiple insurance companies and work on behalf of the client to find a policy. That means they're able to research products and compare prices to find the best fit for each customer’s unique insurance needs.
  • Broker. Although similar in purpose to independent agents, brokers are not legal representatives of insurers and often cannot act on their behalf.

Brotherhood Mutual does not employ captive agents nor does the company conduct business through brokers or brokerage organizations.

Brotherhood Mutual Works With Independent Agents

Brotherhood Mutual agents are independent. They represent our company by choice, because they believe in the products and services we offer churches and related ministries. They are small business owners who are active in their own communities and churches.

Some Brotherhood Mutual agents exclusively sell insurance to churches and related ministries; others may also offer personal lines, health insurance, or life insurance products.

Either way, you can be confident that your Brotherhood Mutual agent has your ministry’s best interests in mind, not the bottom line of the company he or she represents.

Talk with an Agent

Interested in talking with a Brotherhood Mutual agent who serves in your community? Contact us to request a free insurance quote