Liability Insurance

Reporting Options

There are three ways that you can report your liability claims:

  • Contact your Brotherhood Mutual insurance agent

  • Report your claim online

  • For after-hours emergencies, call our emergency claim line: 1-800-933-1849

Worldwide Liability (WWL) Claims

For Worldwide Liability claims call 877.511.1012


Not sure you need to file a claim? Ask your Brotherhood Mutual agent for advice.

Don't have your agent's contact info handy? We'll help you look it up.

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How We'll Handle Your Claim
Whether you’re reporting a simple fender-bender or a catastrophe, Brotherhood Mutual follows this simple five-step process when we’re resolving your loss.

When a Loss Occurs
Know what to do ahead of time so your ministry is ready when a loss occurs.

Common Questions
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Agency Contact Information

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