Church Security

Protecting Your Ministry in a Changing World

Whether you're in the starting blocks or you've hit full stride, every team can use a little help.

If you don't already have a team in place, starting a security ministry may seem daunting. Don't get stuck in the beginning stages thinking you don't have the resources, help, or budget to make your team a reality.

If you do have a team in place, keep moving forward by improving your preparation, communication, and skills.

Use these resources to help you develop and improve your security ministry today. 

The Church Safety & Security Guidebook
Tips and Tools

Check out this list of articles, resources, and websites.

Safety & Security Scenarios

Review these Security Scenarios with your leadership to determine how your ministry would respond in these situations. If you already have a team in place, the scenarios can help you run tabletop training sessions with team members.

A Note About Local Regulation:

The use of a security team or service is often regulated by state or local laws or ordinances. In some cases this regulation may be very specific with respect to uniforms and equipment. In some jurisdictions, even the use of the word "security" in describing your team may be enough to trigger this regulation. Each organization should seek the assistance of a locally-licensed attorney to determine how all locally applicable laws apply to your safety and security program.