Buildings and Property


When the seasons begin to change, it is a great time to look around your grounds and deal with the effects weather and wear-and-tear have on church property. Proper maintenance helps to guard against major repairs, and also reduces the risk of personal injury.

  • Did an Act of God Topple Your Tree?

    If a tree on your property falls because of high winds and destroys your neighbor’s fence, is an Act of God to blame? Learn the other defenses that may come in to play when someone makes a claim of property damage against your ministry.

  • Fire Pit Safety

    Don’t take for granted that your fire pit is safe. Before you gather for warmth, easy conversation, and s’mores, take a moment to ensure your fire pit and supervision practices meet general safety standards.

  • Legal Tools to Control Property Ownership

    Maintaining control of property your ministry owns can be tricky, especially for denominations or multi-site churches. Many legal tools are available to help manage control of property—but do you know which tools offer better protection from legal challenges?

  • Answers to Common Claims Questions

    We know your concerns go much deeper than filing an insurance claim. You have questions, and we’ve got the answers you need.

  • Consider Lightning Safety for Outdoor Activities

    Whether your church members spend time at camp, the lake, or the local playground, keep in mind that lightning safety is not just for your building, but for people as well.  While the National Severe Storms Laboratory says lightning causes only 350 reported injuries or deaths each year, a few safety measures can all but eliminate the risk.

  • Retention Ponds: Attractions or Liabilities?

    Control water runoff while managing risks for drowning, mosquitoes, and algae.

  • Safely Tending to your Church's Lawn

    Lawn care can be dangerous when not executed properly. Following these tips can help you keep safety a priority while completing your church’s yard work.

  • Stop Vandalism in its Tracks

    Six tips for crime-proofing your church and its vehicles.

  • Parking Lot Maintenance

    Seasonal changes are a great time to look around your parking lot and deal with the effects weather and wear-and-tear have on the asphalt. Proper maintenance reduces the risk of a twisted ankle or a damaged tire.

  • Avoid Hazards at Parking Lot Entrances

    Learn how to safely restrict access to your church's parking lot.

  • Ministry in the Garden

    A community garden can be a fun and effective way for ministry members to work with each other and engage the community at large. Planning carefully and following safety procedures can help ensure a gardening ministry operates safely.

  • Labor Law Poster Requirements

    You know those official-looking posters in your ministry office or kitchen that no one reads...Did you know your ministry is required to post them? Find out if you're missing any.

  • 9 Key Risk Areas Churches Face

    When developing a risk management plan, these nine areas should lead your to-do list.

  • Helicopter Easter Egg Drops: Eggstravaganza or an Eggstrava-Risk?

    It’s no surprise that flying a helicopter over several hundred children and their parents can be risky. So risky in fact, that most property and liability insurance carriers—including Brotherhood Mutual—don’t offer coverage for this type of activity.

  • Playground Safety Checklist

    Is your playground equipment as safe as it can be? These 12 questions can sharpen focus on what needs attention.