Buildings and Property

Personal Property

When pastors tally the value of their contents after a fire, explosion, or other disaster, they’re often dismayed to learn their property was worth far more than they had thought. Without a proper inventory, it is next to impossible for a church to be confident that it has the proper amount of contents insurance.

  • Golf Carts in Your Ministry

    Golf carts have become popular at campgrounds, college campuses, and megachurches. Many people enjoy zipping around in these breezy miniature vehicles, especially young people itching to get behind the wheel of a vehicle of their own. To maximize safety, it’s a good idea to have a policy for golf cart use that follows general safety principles and requires all drivers to be trained.

  • Protect Your Equipment Investment

    Protect your church's equipment with Equipment Breakdown Coverage.

  • Buying a Surge Protector

    Surge protectors can save your electronic devices from power surges, which could permanently damage your equipment.  However, your average power strip may not be enough to protect high-end items such as computers, sound systems and more.  Here are some things to keep in mind as you search for the right surge protector.

  • Wireless Sound Systems Affected by FCC Changes

    Exercise risk management and protect your ministry's equipment by understanding how the change from analog to digital signals affects your wireless sound system.

  • Decorate Carefully for Christmas

    Protect your church from fires when decorating for Christmas.

  • Drone Safety Guidelines

    Flying drones can be a fun and useful activity, but drones also come with risks. If your ministry uses these aircraft, or allows others to fly on church property, encourage safety by following best practices and applicable laws.

  • Complete a Property Inventory

    Learn how to complete a personal property inventory of your church to determine adequate amounts of coverage and speed the claim process.