School Finds Better Coverage at a Lower Price

Problem: Insurance Costs Soar after a Claim

One hot, summer day, a thunderstorm dumped buckets of rain on Rapid City Christian School. Hailstones pounded the roof, damaging it and the equipment atop it. The school’s insurance carrier paid to repair the damage, but it would not renew the policy. School leaders eventually found another company, but the new coverage was very expensive. So, they kept looking for a better solution.

They met an independent agent who explained how Rapid City Christian could benefit from a policy that addressed risks unique to schools—exposures that its general commercial policy didn’t cover.

Solution: School Finds Better Coverage at a Lower Price

The school’s new agent helped leaders develop an insurance solution from Brotherhood Mutual that protected not only the school's buildings, but also students, programs, and reputation.

“We increased coverage, added religious freedom protection, and saved money!” said Julie Hewitt, principal of Rapid City Christian School.

“Our agent has a heart for Christian education,” Hewitt said. “I truly feel that we are more than an account to him and his company and that he has our best interest at heart. We have truly enjoyed our partnership.”

Brotherhood Mutual:

  • Insures 1 in 6 Christian schools in America.
  • Protects 1 in 4 ACSI schools.
  • Provides free Legal Assist services to schools.
  • Has a heart for Christian education.