Kidnap & Ransom Coverage

You may think, “it’ll never happen to us.” Unfortunately, it could.

Consider these scenarios:

  • An estranged spouse illegally picks up her child from school, and then disappears. Authorities determine the child is in danger, and issue an Amber Alert.
  • A professor on a scientific study trip in Mexico is abducted. Kidnappers force him to pay an immediate ransom, and drive him to several ATMs.
  • A hacker infects your school’s computers with ransomware, holding your records and sensitive data hostage until you pay up. Refuse, and your files will be destroyed or publicly released.

Cases like these are all too familiar

You may think Kidnap and Ransom (K&R) Coverage sounds extreme and that the need is too far-fetched. Something your school would never use. However, the above scenarios show that the threats facing today’s schools are very real.

Why you need K&R Coverage

When faced with an unthinkable situation, school administrators, educators, and students quickly can become overwhelmed. Regardless of your institution’s stance on payment of ransom, K & R Coverage includes 24/7 access to an expert support team to help guide you through every step of a crisis.

Kidnap and Ransom (K&R) Coverage includes:*

  • Access to a multi-lingual crisis response team to help your school navigate a kidnapping, detention, hijack, extortion attempt, or threat.
  • Reimbursement for experts who act as liaison with authorities, the media, and families.
  • Negotiation and rescue professionals with backgrounds in military, police, and military special forces.
  • Reimbursement for ransom payments.
  • Disappearance investigation support.
  • Coverage for injury or death as a result of a kidnap, hijack, or detention.
  • Recovery care for the victim, including travel costs for the family.
  • Domestic and international coverage.

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*Some coverages as agreed by the provider. Kidnap & Ransom Coverage provided by Hiscox.