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For 100 years, Brotherhood Mutual has focused on tailoring coverage and services to the needs of Christian churches and ministries.

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Though property and liability insurance policies are often similar in how they address fire, hail and other non-ministry-specific losses, they can vary greatly in other aspects. Brotherhood Mutual insurance policies are tailored to protect your Christian ministry’s unique property, people, and programs.

MinistryFirst provides coverage for:

  • Property
  • Liability
  • Vehicles
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Excess Liability

Each MinistryFirst policy is customized.  Your agent will help you to choose from a range of options to secure the level of coverage that fits the diverse needs of your ministry. Depending on your ministry operations, Brotherhood Mutual will automatically include additional coverages to further enhance your insurance protection.

Choose Your Level of Peril Protection:

  • Basic Peril Protection
  • Broad Peril Protection
  • Special Peril Protection

Choose Your Level of Liability Protection:

  • Basic Liability Coverage
  • Optional Liability Protection

Your agent will suggest coverage endorsements depending upon your needs. Coverage suggestions may include the following:

  • Automatic Increase Endorsement – automatically adjusts property values each quarter, based on a percentage you and your insurance agent select.
  • Ordinance or Law Enforcement Coverage – covers increased expenses associated with complying with local law and code requirements after part of your facilities have been destroyed by a fire or a weather disaster.
  • Water Damage Coverage – covers property that sustains water damage caused by a variety of sources.
  • Income, Extra Expense, and Donations Coverage – provides coverage during the restoration period when operations are necessarily interrupted by a covered event.
  • Limited Earthquake Coverage – offers the option to purchase earthquake coverage at limits that are less than the total insured value of the property.
  • Ministry Personnel Dishonesty Coverage – covers losses from the dishonest activity of ministry personnel, including employees and appointed representatives.
  • Organizational Optional Theft Coverage – provides the option to purchase various limits of coverage for losses for a variety of property types.
  • Interior Building Damage Coverage – pays for direct losses associated with building interior and personal property damage caused by rain, snow, ice, sleet, sand, or dust.
  • Equipment Breakdown Endorsement – covers property losses due to system failures from specific causes.
  • Alternative Energy Equipment Coverage – covers alternative energy equipment.
  • Membership Emotional Injury Liability – covers specific emotional injury claims resulting from church policy, practice, or procedure regarding attendance or membership.
  • Supervision-related Emotional Injury Liability – applies to emotional injury claims resulting from an alleged failure to properly supervise children or others in your ministry’s operations.
  • Privacy Violation Liability – covers emotional injury or financial damage claims resulting from non-electronic privacy errors connected with the ministry’s operations.
  • Damage to Property of Others – offers specific coverage to repair or replace property belonging to others, in or out of your care.
  • Pastoral/Religious Counseling Liability – covers emotional injury claims associated with counseling acts performed by pastors and other counselors, including legal defense.
  • Directors and Officers Liability – provides financial protection and legal defense for claims of financial damage resulting from decisions made by ministry leaders.
  • Sexual Acts Liability – covers claims of sexual misconduct or sexual harassment against your ministry, including reimbursement of expenses of a public relations firm or other professionals to assist a ministry in the aftermath of a sexual misconduct incident.
  • Employment Practices Liability – protect from emotional injury, personal injury, and financial damage claims made by employees or job applicants for a variety of employment-related issues.
  • Non-owned Vehicle Coverage – provides excess liability coverage and legal defense for damages connected to the use of borrowed or short-term rented vehicles.
  • Broad Scope Media Liability – covers personal injury allegations that result from your media activities.
  • Broad Scope Cyber Liability – responds to allegations of damage, injury, or loss to others because of the use of a ministry’s computers and covers the cost to respond to a data-breach.
  • Worldwide Liability and Medical Extension – conveys virtually all of the liability and medical coverages of a MinistryFirst policy to cover a ministry’s short-term mission trips and other activities for claims made anywhere in the world.
  • Relief Activity Additional Coverages – covers a ministry’s disaster response and/or shelter/coordination activities.

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All property and liability coverages are subject to conditions, coverage limits, limitations, and exclusions. For precise detail of coverage, please refer to actual policy forms. All coverages are not available in all states.