DirectPay Setup

DirectPay is a simple and secure way to pay your insurance premiums automatically. You can enroll online through My Account. A few reasons to use DirectPay for your ministry include: 

  • Savings—Save on service charges when you pay via DirectPay. Savings vary depending on your billing frequency and state regulations. 

  • Convenience—Your premium payments are automatically withdrawn from your ministry’s commercial bank account on the due date indicated on your bill. No need to worry about the extra steps required to pay your bill through the mail. 

  • Advanced Notice—You’ll receive a paper bill approximately 21 days before the withdrawal date, giving you time to ensure the necessary funds are in your ministry’s commercial bank account. 

  • Tracking—A record of the payment will be reflected on your regular monthly bank statement, and on your My Account dashboard, so you can keep a record of when and how much you’ve paid each month.


How to Enroll:

  1. Log into My Account. This screen will show your current DirectPay enrollment status.

  2. Click “Enroll in DirectPay” to access the online authorization agreement.

  3. Select which of your ministry’s policies you would like to enroll in DirectPay.

  4. Fill out the agreement, including your ministry’s commercial banking details.
    (NOTE: You MUST use a commercial bank account. Personal bank accounts will not be accepted.)

  5. Review the agreement and verify that you agree.

  6. Click “ACCEPT & ENROLL” to submit the agreement. 

Once you’ve submitted the agreement, you’ll receive an email confirming that you’ve successfully enrolled in DirectPay. If you don’t receive an email, you can also return to your My Account dashboard and check your enrollment status. If you successfully completed the enrollment process, your status will either read “PENDING ENROLLMENT” or “ENROLLED.” In addition, your next bill will show that “NO ACTION IS REQUIRED” in the payment due-date sections.

Once you’ve enrolled, you may see that you have pending payments. You DO NOT need to make any additional payments, DirectPay will draft any pending payments automatically your next date of withdrawal.

To protect your information, everything you transmit through My Account is encrypted using industry-standard technology. If you’d prefer to sign up for DirectPay by mail, contact your agent—or the Brotherhood Mutual customer service department at (800) 333-3735—and ask for the DirectPay enrollment form.

If you would like to change from monthly to quarterly billing, this will require a separate process. Call a Brotherhood Mutual customer service representative for more information at (800) 333-3735.