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That’s Remodel Health.

A strategic alliance with a Christian ministry focus:

Remodel Health

Employee Health Benefits

If your ministry is struggling with the rising costs of traditional group health benefits, or if you’re looking to start offering benefits, Brotherhood Mutual is here to help. We’ve formed strategic alliances with ministry-focused health benefits platforms that offer alternative options to traditional group plans.

Whether your ministry employs two or 200+, you have options. Take control of your health benefits costs and fill out the form below.

Meet Remodel Health

Remodel Health is a health benefits platform designed for faith-based organizations. Like Brotherhood Mutual, they are passionate about serving Christian ministries, such as churches, schools, colleges, and non-profits.

Remodel Health helps ministries transition from group benefits plans by offering individual health benefits to their employees. They walk alongside ministries to navigate the options and help employees choose the solution that’s best for them. As an added benefit, Remodel Health can cut health care costs by an average of 35%*, allowing ministries to steward the savings to directly impact their mission.

Hear Mark Robison, Chairman & President of Brotherhood Mutual and Scott Lingle, CEO & Co-Founder of Remodel Health share the heart behind our strategic alliance.


Why Remodel Health

Each employee has unique needs when it comes to health insurance. But how do ministries offer individual plans and manage all the billing and payroll deductions? That’s where Remodel Health can help.

With an innovative software platform and expert benefits coordinators, ministry employees can choose a health benefits plan that meets their individual needs. Remodel's menu of individual health products includes both ACA-compliant health insurance plans and Christian Healthcare Sharing Plans. Employers can assist staff by choosing how much they'll contribute to the employee's premium. Remodel keeps everything organized, sending a single bill and auto-deducting premiums from payroll.


Remodel Health Coverage Map

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  • Michigan
  • Virginia
  • Indiana
  • Illinois
  • South Carolina
  • Wisconsin
  • Texas
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Now is the Time to Switch

As ministries consider their healthcare options for 2022, now is the time to speak with Remodel Health. Shopping for health insurance that meets the needs of your employees doesn’t have to be complicated. Remodel Health simplifies the complex and walks alongside your organization throughout the process.


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* Savings based on averages provided by Remodel Health and are based on shifting employers from single group benefits to individual plans.

Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company® strategically aligned with Remodel Health to help Christian ministries in the search for affordable health benefits. Contact your Brotherhood Mutual agent to start the process today.

This is a brief description of products and/or services available through Remodel Health. This page does not provide coverage of any kind, nor does it modify the terms of any policy, certificate or contract. Not all products or services are available in all states.

All coverages are subject to conditions, coverage limits, limitations, and exclusions in the policy, certificate or contract. For exact details of any products or services, please refer to actual policy, certificate and/or contract. Remodel Health does not process claims and cannot give advice about whether any claim is or is not payable. Coverage for actual claims will be determined by the entity providing coverage and will based on applicable policy, certificate or contract. Remodel Health is a licensed business entity insurance producer (insurance agency).

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Case Studies

Case studies show how ministries improved their health benefits options and saved money.

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