Improve Your Crisis Response

The Church Safety & Security Guidebook

Created specifically for churches, The Church Safety & Security Guidebook is a step-by-step manual designed to improve your readiness to respond to crisis situations.

A dozen scenarios help your church develop "what-if" questions, and rehearse response procedures and training exercises. Scenarios include:

  • an active shooter
  • domestic disputes
  • a missing child
  • medical emergencies
  • severe weather threats

Rev. Jerry McConnell

“My church was not prepared for things like that at all…We had never even asked ‘what-if’ questions.”

Rev. Jerry McConnell
Senior advisor for the ministry outreach and non-profit division of the Center for Personal Protection and Safety, Spokane, WA

Find Hidden Security Risks

The Church Safety & Security Guidebook offers a comprehensive way to look for and find security risks within your church. It includes valuable tools to help begin crafting policies and procedures, including:

  • A Sample Policy: Learn how a formal policy can guide the function of a safety and security team, its composition, and its responsibilities.
  • A Sample Plan: Use this 40-page sample as a guide for creating your ministry’s safety and security plan.
  • Sample Checklists, Applications, and Forms: Assess your risks and create a plan with confidence, using more than 20 sample documents as your guide.

The Church Safety & Security Guidebook is a great tool to engage leadership, and an essential tool for anyone who wants to make church a safer place.