Getting Left of Bang

School Safety and Security Series

Are your safety and security measures enough to keep violence from entering your front door? Safety and security remain top of mind as each new incident brings about a new conversation. You have a plan for what to do during and after a crisis. What are you doing to prevent one?

For this audiocast in our series about School Safety and Security, Brotherhood Mutual pairs up with security expert Mike McCarty, founder and CEO of Safe Hiring Solutions, Safe Visitor, and Safe School. Each lesson in this audiocast builds upon the last. Before listening, download the supplemental notes. At the bottom of the page we've included additional resources for your team.  

The information provided in this audiocast series and by our guest speaker is intended to be helpful, but does not constitute legal advice and is not a substitute for legal advice from a licensed attorney in your area. Event participants are encouraged to regularly consult with a local attorney as part of your risk management program.



Lesson 1: Left of Bang vs Right of Bang 

Mike discusses looking at everything from a Left of Bang focus - concentrating on how to prevent a threat from ever entering your school. Learn about the importance of a threat assessment, the concept of zones, and how your policies and procedures come into play.  

Lesson Notes | Transcript

Lesson 2: Controlled Access and Communication

How vulnerable is your school's front door? It may be locked and has a buzzer, but it's the frontline staff who can make all the difference.  

 Lesson Notes | Transcript

Lesson 3: School Safety and Security Toolkit

Mike discusses free and low-cost action items you can do this week that improve your prevention. He also talks about background screenings for employees and volunteers and answers questions about having school resource officers.

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Originally aired 2019. Rebroadcast 2022.