The Complicated World of Charlie Valor

A Superhero for a Friend. Villains at Every Turn.

Meet Charlie Valor and his friends. They’re ordinary teens with ordinary problems—they just happen to experience them under extraordinary circumstances. We created this comic book series and website to help youth leaders address some of the tough topics that young people face.

  • Rise of the RumorBots, the first issue of The Complicated World of Charlie Valor, presents youth leaders with an opportunity to start a dialogue with kids about safe texting and how to handle difficult situations like rumors.
  • In Night of the Hog-Jackers, the second issue in the comic book series, things get a little out of hand when a gang of space hogs crash a youth group lock-in. Kids will see that it’s okay to stand firm and not go along with the crowd when situations start to feel dangerous or wrong.
  • The third issue, The Legend of the Deep Lake Monster, is set at camp and addresses rules in general and water safety more specifically. For young people, the story illustrates how even a seemingly safe situation can turn dangerous quickly if rules aren’t followed.
  • In Issue four, Dawn of Luna Dooma, Charlie and his friends meet villains in an unexpected location—online. The friends are unaware of the villains’ presence in the social network and uninvited on Charlie’s smartphone. From posts and pictures to passwords and privacy settings, the online world can be tricky, especially for kids.
  • The story in issue five, Battle with the Bully Brigade, follows two characters as they struggle to just be themselves. Finch is literally racing to beat his problems. Sarah is trying to get along and avoid confrontation. Both feel the wrath of the bully brigade. For Charlie’s friends, bullying manifests in words, actions, online messages, and finally as a screaming asteroid hurtling toward Earth.
  • In issue six, Day of the Dark Disaster, Charlie and his friends are faced with a double threat—a weather emergency and a menacing stranger. A mysterious thief is hiding out in the gang’s safe haven, and they’re all in the path of a destructive tornado. The gang has to remember emergency drills, make wise choices, and help each other through each situation or reap the consequences.
  • In issue seven, The Stolen Key of Montsarak, Charlie and friends discover a thief is on the loose. As the town recovers from a tornado, valuables are disappearing from church and school—everything from action figures and cell phones to digital cameras and laptops.

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