Introducing Full Strength Network

Strengthening Pastors & Their Families

By Hugh White, Full Strength Network

In his July 2017 article, “A Burden Too Heavy,” researcher Matt Bloom, Ph.D., identified six characteristics of pastoral work that create potential challenges for the well-being of local church pastors. Those six characteristics are summarized below:

  1. Ministry is high-stakes work. Mistakes or failures can carry significant spiritual and financial costs. 

  2. Ministry work is complex, continuous, and diverse. The emotional and cognitive costs of shifting between tasks is high. 

  3. Ministry work is punctuated by unexpected and emergency events.

  4. There is little structure or guidance for prioritizing ministry work.

  5. Technology is transforming interpersonal communication, making personal relationship building more distant and difficult.

  6. External change is rapid and constantly evolving. 

These and other dynamics are placing our nation’s pastors and their spouses at high risk of burnout, with dangerous stress a constant companion in the lives of many pastors. To thrive and flourish in this challenging profession, pastors must rethink and proactively adopt wellbeing protection strategies that will help them run the race of pastoral leadership and cross the finish line in completion of their calling.

The national nonprofit ministry Full Strength Network was launched in January 2015 to play an important role in strengthening pastors and their families. The vision of Full Strength Network is “every pastor thriving in ministry leadership.” At Full Strength Network, we believe that healthy pastors lead healthy churches, and healthy churches change the world.

Working across six important domains of wellbeing—spiritual, emotional, relational, physical, intellectual, and financial—a nationwide team of professional caregivers, donors, and prayer partners are standing up to help protect our nation’s Christian pastors. It’s our calling to help keep pastors strong and flourishing, and to help them rest and recover when they grow weary or stumble. 

Full Strength Network offers an elegantly simple, amazingly transformational growth app for busy pastors called MinistryPulse™. In addition, our website and social media accounts offer some of the best wisdom content available to pastors pertaining to thriving and flourishing issues that affect pastors and their families. Finally, when pastors or their spouses need outside professional support, pastors can access subsidized care from our national network of caregiving specialists--people with a passion for helping pastors. 

Pastors, we invite you to look to Full Strength Network as your partner in ministry leadership. You don’t have to do this alone. We’re here to help because we know how important caring for the bride of Christ is to our Heavenly Father.