Should You Use a Gun to Protect Your School?

An increase in school violence is leading many ministries to consider whether or not they should hire armed security guards to protect their schools. Before you make weapons part of your school security plan, check with a local attorney to determine what laws apply to schools in your state.

Consider these points:

  • Many states prohibit concealed carry of a firearm within 1,000 feet of a school unless the individual is an active law enforcement officer.
  • Some states prohibit weapons in schools and ministries unless special permission is granted.
  • Concealed carry laws may also vary by state when it comes to law enforcement officials, whether on or off duty.

Notify the Public

States also differ on their requirements for posting signs or other warnings indicating that your school prohibits firearms. Notice signs not only demonstrate the school’s position on concealed carry, but also provide additional deterrence from those individuals that may not be aware of the restrictions in your state.

If carrying a concealed weapon is permitted in your state, as a private property owner, you should still generally be able to decide whether or not you want to allow firearms on your property. If you decide that armed guards are needed at your school, Brotherhood Mutual recommends that you enlist only current or former law enforcement professionals or security firms who receive regular weapons training.

More Resources

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