Secure Your Ministry Vehicle

Protect vehicles, valuables from theft

According to FBI statistics, more than 2 million vehicle break-ins occurred in 2012—or one every 16 seconds. While they have become less frequent in recent years, a break-in can put a big damper on your ministry’s outing. Consider taking the following steps to secure valuables while on the go:

  • Avoid leaving items unattended in the vehicle. Carry them with you if possible.
  • If you must store valuables in the vehicle, keep them out of plain sight. It’s a good idea to stow property before you arrive at your destination—if you hide valuables and immediately walk away from your vehicle, you may inadvertently show thieves where the items are hidden.
  • Consider your surroundings when you park. Stick to high-traffic locations instead of secluded areas, and opt for well-lit spaces. If you see suspicious activity nearby, it’s probably best to park somewhere else.
  • Lock the vehicle doors, roll up the windows, and close the sun roof.
  • Activate the vehicle alarm.
  • Avoid storing keys in wheel wells or above sun visors.

Travelers should avoid leaving their vehicles in the church parking lot for an extended period of time. If they do, remind them to take their vehicle registration and garage door opener with them. Thieves can break into the vehicle, steal the garage door opener, find the address on the vehicle registration, and head to the unattended home to break in.

There’s no guaranteed way to avoid a break-in, but by making your ministry and traveler vehicles harder targets, you can lower the likelihood that your ministry will become the victim of thieves.