Employment Practices and Working Together

A Guide to Employment Practices for Ministries

Employment issues such as discrimination, wrongful dismissal, sexual harassment, and other employee-related matters challenge ministry leaders now more than ever before. Having policies in place can help prevent employment conflicts and better equip churches and ministries to deal with workplace issues.

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Duration: Approximately 60 minutes

What will you learn?

  • Basic legal principles for employment practices
  • Steps ministries can take to protect themselves
  • The importance of an employee handbook and how to develop one
  • Essential employment-related policies for all ministries to consider

About the presenter

Kathleen TurpinKathleen Turpin, JD, CPCU, Vice President of Human Resources at Brotherhood Mutual is an industry-known and respected resource on employment practices for churches and other ministries. Kathleen is a licensed attorney in Indiana. She joined Brotherhood Mutual as a litigation specialist in 1996 and now oversees the company’s employment and human resources operations.

The information provided in this webinar is intended to be helpful, but it does not constitute legal advice and is not a substitute for the advice from a licensed attorney in your area.

  • Working Together

    Your employee handbook should cover sexual harassment, discrimination, wrongful dismissal, and more. Our guidebook can help protect your ministry against claims of wrongdoing.

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