Violence in our Schools

It's time to stop reacting and start preventing

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Are your safety and security measures enough to keep violence from entering your front door? Safety and security remain top of mind as each new incident brings about a new conversation. You have a plan for what to do during and after a crisis. What are you doing to prevent one?

In This Webinar You Will Learn

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Why front-door security often fails and how to replace it with something better.

Components of a security toolkit

The must-have components of a safety and security toolkit.

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How to move past the notion that every school shooting is a “random event”—the lead-up pattern to violent behavior.

Things to do

Free and low-cost action items you can do this week that improve your prevention efforts.



Mike McCarty

Mike McCarty

Mike is founder and CEO of SafeVisitor, a fast-growing visitor management systems company built by professionals from the U.S. Secret Service, law enforcement, Navy Seals, government cyber intelligence, and school security arenas. He brings 25+ years of violence prevention and threat assessment experience to the table. Mike served with the Indiana Law Enforcement Training Academy, Metro Nashville Police Department, and founded the Public Training Institute, an international consulting firm used by federal law enforcement agencies.

Mike Kramer

Mike Kramer

Michael Kramer is a manager in the Casualty Claims department with Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company. He has investigated and negotiated thousands of claims dealing with catastrophic injuries, fatalities, security, misconduct, and cyber security issues. Mike educates both new and seasoned agents in the policy and legal issues surrounding liability claims, and consults with agents, customers, and legal counsel in the adjusting process. His experience and background in teaching, service, and claims gives him a unique perspective assisting churches and church related ministries.