Resilient Pastor

Originally aired Tuesday, July 28, 2020

During this webinar a panel of pastoral care experts discussed stress, expectations, and finding resiliency in ministry. The webinar focuses on overcoming weariness, pacing yourself to maintain fruitfulness, developing a gap plan to re-energize your family and ministry, and so much more.

Panelists are Denny Howard, Director of Counseling and Coaching, Full Strength Network; Jimmy Dodd, CEO and Founder, PastorServe; and Linda Kline, Founder and Pastoral Director, Psalm One Ministries.

The information provided in this webinar and by our guest panelists is intended to be helpful, but does not constitute legal advice and is not a substitute for legal advice from a licensed attorney in your area. Event participants are encouraged to consult with an attorney in their jurisdiction to determine how local, state, and federal law applies to specific circumstances.

The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed by the pastoral care experts participating in the roundtable discussion are solely those of the participating pastoral care experts and do not necessarily reflect Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company’s position.

Poll Questions

During the live webinar, attendees had the opportunity to answer some poll questions. Here are the questions and their results:

Lately in my ministry, I feel like I lack:

  • Resiliency (ability to bounce back) 26%
  • Satisfaction (in ministry) 26%
  • Vitality (energy and enthusiasm) 64%
  • Vision (clarity in leading ministry) 42%
  • None of the above 7%

Lately I feel disillusioned or disappointed with the outcome of my life and/or ministry:

  • Never 6%
  • Rarely 17%
  • Sometimes 58%
  • Often 19%

I feel like I can't take a break from ministry right now:

  • Never 8%
  • Rarely 22%
  • Sometimes 36%
  • Often 35%


Each of our experts sat down with us for an interview to share even more insight into pastor resiliency and wellbeing.

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