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We are committed to serving your Christian school as you educate through your values and mission. As a Tennessee Association of Christian Schools member school, you'll benefit from Brotherhood Mutual’s risk management tools and resources designed for Christian schools. Along with our ministry-focused coverages, mission travel protections, and payroll services, we also offer Legal AssistSM, a free service from the Brotherhood Mutual legal team that helps schools navigate legal and risk management questions. Together, we can help protect your school's mission so that you can shape minds, build character, and equip students to engage the world.

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Property Coverage

Explore a variety of options to help ensure your ministry is covered against damage to personal property, buildings, and equipment.

Liability Insurance

Create a custom package of liability coverages to protect your ministry against the financial, emotional, and social toll of unexpected expenses.

Ministry Stewardship Resources

Discover tools to help defend your ministry against common property and liability claims.

Mission Protection

Explore what’s possible with an array of medical, liability, and travel coverages that can protect every aspect of your mission work, operations, and travel, anywhere in the world.

Cyber Insurance

Protect your ministry against cyber liability claims and get reimbursed for expenses related to responding to a data breach, including sending notifications and offering credit monitoring services.

Vehicle Protection

Find the right options to protect your ministry, whether you own, rent, or borrow.

MinistryWorks® Payroll Services

Find simple, fast, and affordable payroll and HR services for ministries, including talent management, healthcare reporting, and time & attendance tracking.

Workers' Compensation

Provide benefits to address employees’ work-related injuries or illness. Bundle this coverage with MinistryWorks payroll services to receive a free benefit: Pay-Go, which lets you pay workers’ comp premiums monthly instead of annually.

Employee Health Benefits

Offer individual health benefits options that allow your employees to choose the plans that work best for them and save your ministry money at the same time.

Safety Library

Browse hundreds of articles, checklists, and other FREE resources to help you guide and protect your ministry.

Legal AssistSM

Seek risk management guidance that’s timely, helpful, and FREE. Plus, explore frequently asked questions and our personal response service.*

Employment Practices

Create clear employment policies, review employee handbooks, and avoid common mistakes with Working Together, a free, online guide.


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*Important information: Brotherhood Mutual is pleased to provide Legal Assist as a complimentary resource. The services we offer through Legal Assist are intended to provide general legal information to our current and prospective policyholders. The information we provide is intended to be helpful, but it does not constitute legal advice and is not a substitute for the advice from a licensed attorney in your area. Accordingly, no attorney/client relationship is created through this process, and no legal advice will be provided. We strongly encourage you to regularly consult with a local attorney as part of your risk management program.