Payroll and Payroll Tax Filing for Churches and Related Ministries

MinistryWorks® By Brotherhood Mutual 

Ministry payroll is complicated and time-consuming. Just keeping up with the unique laws and tax codes can be a full-time job. And if you make a mistake, the IRS could hit you with costly back taxes and penalties.

Ministry payroll is all we do. We can handle the particulars that keep you up at night—ministerial housing allowances, dual tax status, W-2s, and more. With MinistryWorks, you can get back to focusing on ministry.


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With MinistryWorks, you can:



We help you cut down on the paperwork and headaches that come with ministry payroll. You get to focus more on your mission.

Save money

Some of our customers report saving 50 percent or more when switching to MinistryWorks from comparable services.

Get it right

You’ll work with your very own MinistryCare Payroll Professional who knows you, your ministry, and the rules that apply to ministry payroll.



5 employees
About $27* per payroll

15 employees
About $52* per payroll

50 employees
About $124* per payroll


*Bi-weekly payroll using direct deposit, including W-2/tax service. Listed prices are estimates only.


MinistryWorks + Workers’ Compensation Coverage = Audit Assist

If you’re a MinistryWorks customer who has workers’ compensation insurance, you get our Audit Assist feature. With Audit Assist, MinistryWorks provides all the wage reports that you need for a Workers’ Compensation audit. No extra paperwork. No late-night work sessions to prepare for the audit. All you need are the reports produced by Audit Assist.

Scott Goldsmith

Scott Goldsmith, CPA

Treasurer, Mosaic Church, Indianapolis, IN

“Our church received a notice from the IRS. I’m a CPA, but payroll taxes aren’t my specialty. I forwarded the notice to MinistryWorks to see if they could help. Within a couple of hours, I received a reply that said, ‘We’ll take care of it!’ That kind of service is normal with MinistryWorks, and we’re paying less than we had been paying our previous payroll provider. I can’t recommend MinistryWorks enough!”


Enid Jackson

Enid Jackson

School Secretary, Resurrection Lutheran School, Newport News, VA

“Our biggest challenge is that our staff increases and decreases seasonally. Teachers come and go, so we frequently have to put them on and take them off payroll. With MinistryWorks, I can do that myself. I don’t have to call anyone, so managing personnel takes less time and doesn’t cost extra.


Dean Antonucci

Dean Antonucci

Pastor, Amazing Grace Fellowship of Heppner, OR

“With the tax laws changing, it’s nice to have someone else filing our taxes. I’ve come to find out that some of the [tax-related] things that I was taught by previous pastors were wrong. Even though we’re small, MinistryWorks is still able to help us. You don’t have to be a mega-church anymore to be well taken care of.”