Employee Health Benefits

Finding an affordable employee health benefits solution is challenging.

Traditional group plans can be expensive and have limited choices. Coordinating your own individual health benefits offers more choice and lower cost, but the options are complicated and difficult to manage. Christian organizations shouldn’t be burdened by the time and expertise required to coordinate their own plans.

That’s where Brotherhood Mutual can help.

By partnering with trusted, faith-focused health benefits experts, you will have access to customized health benefit plans. These partners simplify complex options and help your employees understand their choices. Plus, they manage everything for you - keeping the plans organized, sending a single monthly bill, and auto-deducting premiums from payroll.

Your employees get to choose a plan that works best for them, and your organization can steward the cost savings back into its core mission.

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Success Stories

Church in Texas
A church in Texas with about 15 employees sought an innovative solution to their increasing health benefits costs. By working with Brotherhood Mutual, they were able to reduce their health benefits costs while still maintaining their commitment to providing for their employees. The church met their employees’ needs while saving a significant amount of money.

College in Indiana
A college in Indiana with about 200 employees had as much as $3.4 million in unpredictable exposure from employee medical costs as a result of their self-funded strategy for health insurance. Increasing budget pressure made them seek new ways to control the high costs. By switching to individual health benefits, they were able to reduce the employee’s health care spend, while dramatically reducing both health care expense and claim liability for the college. As a result, the school was able to repurpose a significant amount of their financial resources back to their missional goals.

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Savings are based on shifting employees from single group benefits to individual plans and may not be typical in every case.

*Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company and its subsidiary, Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Services, LLC ("BMIS") have formed strategic alliances with health benefits advisors to help Christian ministries in the search for affordable health benefits. All insurance coverages are underwritten by various health insurance carriers and sold through BMIS. Savings are based on coverages provided by Remodel Health and are based on shifting employees from single group benefits to individual plans and may not be typical in every case.