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In this edition of our risk management eBook, you’ll discover the steps you can take to protect ministry property from damage caused by wind, water, fire, and hail. While these types of events can be costly and disruptive, industry experts provide critical insight that can help your ministry today.

After you view our downloadable eBook, be sure to check out all the additional resources found on this page.

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Handbook 101

Dealing with Mold

In the immediate aftermath of a water emergency, it’s important to act fast to prevent mold growth.

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Brotherhood Mutual has several resources related to preparing for and preventing wind, water, and fire damage. They can be found in our extensive Safety Library.




Water Emergencies. Before. During. After.

Water Emergencies.
Before. During. After.

Water emergencies require quick thinking and rapid response. Knowing what to do before, during, and after a water emergency can help minimize costly and disruptive damage.

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Water Damage Prevention Checklist

Water Damage
Prevention Checklist

This checklist guides you through identifying the common culprits that cause damaging water leaks:

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Hail Damage: Is it cosmetic or structural

Hail Damage: Is it
cosmetic or structural

When hail strikes, immediately contact your insurance company. What may seem like minor damage at first can develop into major problems later.

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Hail Damage Checklist

Hail Damage

Use this checklist to help protect your building before it hails and survey damage after a hail event.

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Fire Pit Safety

Fire Pit Safety

According to the Consumer Products Safety Commission, injuries associated with fire pits tripled between 2008—2017, with a quarter of the victims younger than 5 years old.

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Kitchen Ventilation Safety Tips

Kitchen Ventilation
Safety Tips

Regardless of kitchen type—commercial, residential, or combination—built-up grease, poor kitchen design, or inadequate education can all lead to a disaster.

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