Chairman’s Message

Mark Robison

Extreme weather in 2023 left many churches with the burden of property damage. In fact, catastrophe claims in 2023 broke records for the insurance industry as a whole. Yet, the freezing cold and severe storms provided us the opportunity to come alongside ministries in every part of the country when their pipes burst or their roofs blew off. It’s a reflection of our commitment to our foundational verse Galatians 6:2, “Bear one another’s burdens.”

It reminds me that even when the hardship is heartbreaking, the rebuilding is restorative. In darkness, there is always the brightest light of Christ. Because the company’s founders answered the call to bear burdens 106 years ago, our agents and employees get to experience the joy of being a part of God’s work today, and every day.

Our purpose seeks to do more than help ministries rebuild after losses. It’s just as important that we find solutions to help our customers prevail against future catastrophic events, too. Last year, we had 895 water damage/plumbing claims, an incredible disruption to ministry work. In response, we developed a program to get automatic water shutoff valves with flow-based leak detection into the hands of customers at a discount. The program is now helping ministries across the country secure their property and safeguard their mission.

We are compelled to look for ways to partner with the Church and protect its people. As we continue to carefully listen to the needs of the Church, we’re focused on going deeper into serving in 2024, with lower cost options and more service for health benefits, ministry payroll, and more. We’re excited to show you.

Another way we helped ministries was through our Legal AssistSM service. The team hit a milestone in 2023 by answering more than 25,000 questions through the free legal service we began in 2008. It’s a unique resource we offer to customers and non-customers alike, and another way we protect the Church.

We are also excited to reflect on the work of the Brotherhood Mutual FoundationSM, which is formed to manage the charitable contributions of Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company. In 2023 a total of $150,000 was awarded to five church programs through the Kingdom Advancing GrantSM, an initiative of the Brotherhood Mutual Foundation. We’re passionate about the replicability of these five programs and the library of good ideas the foundation is helping build.

It’s been an honor to come alongside more than 11,000 ministries who suffered a loss in 2023, helping them recover and restore. Each of these moments allowed our agents, their care teams, and our employees to serve you, to stand with you. That care multiplies through your hands and spreads into your communities. We know when we help an organization continue its mission work, the whole body benefits.

Running together,

Mark A. Robison, CPA, CPCU
Chairman & President