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Property and liability coverage for colleges and universities.

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Serving you by offering high quality insurance products to meet the specific needs of Christian colleges and universities is our priority. Brotherhood Mutual has insured Christian ministries since 1917. We insured our first college in 1960, and that college is still a customer today.

At Brotherhood Mutual, we embrace your mission—including your challenges and vision for the future—and can offer a personalized policy to meet your specific needs. This approach focuses on providing a variety of coverages under one policy, which can help shield you from unbudgeted expenses and avoid costly gaps and overlaps.

“We choose Brotherhood Mutual based on the combination of service and cost. Because Brotherhood Mutual is focused on serving Christian ministries, I feel confident Brotherhood Mutual understands the values of my organization as well as the unique needs we have as a Christian organization.”
—Gary Bailey, PhD, President, Biblical Life Institute



Protect your budget and your reputation

You know the potential costs associated with a loss or a lawsuit, so take steps to protect your college or university against the fiscal, emotional, and social toll of unexpected expenses.

We are committed to serving Christian colleges and universities by offering exceptional value to help you manage costs.

Property and Liability

Property and Liability Insurance
Scales to fit your educational institution – from small to large, and everything in between.

Commercial Auto

Commercial Auto
Provides many options including legal defense and liability protection, medical payments, no-fault personal injury protection, and collision coverage for covered losses connected to the use of your vehicles.

Workers Compensation

Workers’ Compensation
Provides medical, disability, rehabilitation, and death benefits for employees in relation to work-related injuries or diseases specified by state law.


HR Solutions for Payroll
and Health Benefits

Lifts your administrative burdens and helps save you money.

Mission Travel Protection

Mission Travel Protection
Coverage for your institution’s liabilities, protection for your travelers, and kidnap and ransom policies. From the smallest details like lost baggage to the biggest issues, including death, we offer robust risk transfer solutions.

Continued Operations

Continued Operations
Provides financial support to overcome lost income during a recovery period.

Diminishing Deductible

Diminishing Deductible
A loss-free deductible reduction for institutions serious about faculty, staff, and student safety.

Teach Your Beliefs

Teach Your Beliefs
Your Christian faith is your foundation—it’s a heritage Brotherhood Mutual deeply understands. Protect belief-based decisions and your budget with our Religious Freedom ProtectionSM Coverage.

Legal Defense

Legal Defense Reimbursement
Coverage pays legal fees, costs, and expenses for civil lawsuits and law enforcement investigations that are not otherwise covered by your institution’s policy.

Additional Liability Coverages

Additional Liability Coverages
Includes protection for claims of emotional injury caused by academic practices, bodily injury and property damage caused by professors or governing board members in relation to teaching or leadership activity, and financial damage for substandard educational preparation.

Employment Practices Coverage

Employment Practices Coverage
Pays damages for emotional injury , personal injury, or financial damage claims as a result of your employment related decisions, a leading cause of workplace lawsuits. Outside the limits defense coverage adds peace of mind.

School Counseling Insurance

School Counseling Insurance
Protects your institution and specified individuals, including collegiate student counselors, when allegations of emotional, bodily, or personal injury arise from counseling or advising students.

Traumatic Incident Response Coverage

Traumatic Incident
Response Coverage

Pays for expenses relating to a traumatic incident, including reimbursement for grief counseling costs, temporary facility rental, and security, legal, or public relations specialists hired to assist in your response.

Cyber Liability Coverage

Cyber Liability Coverage
Pays for property damage, financial damage, or emotional injury claims resulting from your activities related to computer use and electronic data. Our solutions include optional support from CyberScout to provide proactive breach preparation, breach response services, and more.

“Barclay College has students who go on mission trips to other countries. Brotherhood Mutual has short-term policies for such trips that are painless to request, receive, and are reasonably priced.”
—Gayle Mortimer, Accounts Payable
& Payroll Specialist, Barclay College




Whether on the field, in the gym, or just walking to class, accidents happen. The right coverage shows your commitment to student well-being and can discourage costly lawsuits.

Accident Insurance

Accident Insurance*
Custom-design an accident insurance policy that protects your students, student-athletes, and your reputation. Deductibles as low as $0.

High Hazard Sports

High Hazard Sports
Covers athletes’ injuries— including concussions—for football, rugby, lacrosse, hockey, soccer, wrestling, and martial arts.

Student Medical Coverage

Student Medical Coverage
Pays medical expenses for injured students, officials, and spectators, regardless of fault. Optional coverage for intramural or intercollegiate sports is also available.

Educational Property

Educational Property
Coverage Package

Pays for athletic and school property, including dugouts, backstops, installed bleachers, turf, landscaping, and irrigation.

For additional coverage details, ask your Brotherhood Mutual agent, or use our online request form.

“We use Brotherhood Mutual because they understand the unique challenges of running a Christian ministry, particularly one with so many students. They provide both coverages and risk management tools to help protect our organization from risks that could impact our ability to serve our students.”
—Jeff Wood, Vice President of Finance and
Administration, Summit Life Ministries

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Disclaimer: All property and liability coverages are subject to conditions, coverage limits, limitations, and exclusions. For precise detail of coverage, please refer to actual policy forms. Not all coverages and services are available in all states.

*Covered expenses must be incurred within the time period specified in the policy forms. This information is a brief description of the important benefits and features of the Blanket Accident Medical Insurance underwritten by QBE Insurance Corporation (QBE) and made available in coordination with Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company and Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Services, LLC. It is not a contract and does not provide insurance coverage of any kind, nor does it modify the terms of any Brotherhood Mutual policy. Full terms and conditions of coverage, including effective dates of coverage, benefits, limitations, and exclusions, are set forth on policy form, BAM-03-1000 et seq. Any policy QBE offers to issue will be subject to the laws of the jurisdiction in which it is issued. QBE may (1) not be able to offer this coverage in all states and (2) elect at its sole discretion not to offer or quote any specific benefit amount or risk. Please contact your agent or local administrator for the availability of coverage in your state.

1 MinistryWorks, LLC is a subsidiary of Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company.
2 Pay-Go is a free benefit for customers of both MinistryWorks payroll and Brotherhood Mutual Workers’ Compensation (Workers’ compensation not available in OH, ND, WA, and WY).
3 Brotherhood Mutual has strategically aligned with advisors to help Christian ministries in the search for affordable health benefits. Savings based on averages provided by Remodel Health and are based on shifting employers from single group benefits to individual plan.
4 HCM is offered as an additional service for customers of MinistryWorks payroll.