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You’re stretching your faith and your limits away from your home and into the mission field. It’s scary and exhilarating. Along with your Bible and prayers, make sure you’re outfitted with the comfort of a company that’s been protecting missions for 100 years. From a broken arm to a lost passport, Brotherhood Mutual can safeguard your mission trip against risks in the field.


Faith Ventures®

Most U.S insurance companies don't cover foreign medical and travel expenses, and surveys suggest 60 percent of churches don't buy foreign mission insurance. Yet research indicates as many as one claim will be filed for every five ministries. Protect your mission and your travelers. Talk to a Brotherhood Mutual agent about mission protection and Faith Ventures.

Faith Ventures

Faith Ventures
$30 - $79
Short-term emergency medical coverage that’s perfect for shorter mission trips and students traveling abroad, up to 180 days.

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Faith Ventures 365

Faith Ventures 365
$579 - $659
Long-term emergency medical coverage for longer mission travel of 180 days or more and internships. A family can share limits of one policy. Not for use in the U.S.

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Medical, Political, and Security Evacuation*
For an emergency evacuation of non-nationals needing to leave the host country. If an evacuation is not possible, a safe location will be arranged.

Reimbursement of Lost or Delayed Baggage / Personal items
Includes passport replacement.

Trip Cancellation or Delay
Covers all non-refundable portions of your trip. Refund based on set triggers, such as a State Department warning, valid doctor’s excuse, court subpoena, natural disaster, and more.**

Accident and Illness Expense

Covers health expenses related to illness and accidents when you are out of the country. Our $47 and $67 policies include domestic coverage on trips when you are 100+ miles from home.

Health Insurance for Missionaries

An affordable major medical solution for ministries with employees and volunteers living in foreign locations, including short visits to the U.S. Coverage includes surgery, hotel, and rehabilitation. Does not include travel services.

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Trip Management

Go Method

Faith Ventures has collaborated with Full Method to offer a trip management solution. The Go Method platform — created by Full Method — simplifies mission trip planning with an all-in-one, customizable tool to automate and streamline your trip management tasks, including fundraising, financial tracking, trip checklists and more.

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Buy a Card, Give a Meal

Because Brotherhood Mutual believes missions matter, for every Faith Ventures card sold we will donate a meal to help feed a refugee. Buy a card, Give a meal.

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*Not a military evacuation.

**Optional coverages are available at an additional cost.

† Based on Brotherhood Mutual internal marketing data.

This is a brief description of coverages offered by Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company®, Faith Ventures®, and our partners, CHUBB, International Medical Group, and Hiscox. It does not provide coverage of any kind, nor does it modify the terms associated with any policy. All coverages are subject to conditions, coverage limits, limitations, and exclusions. For coverage details, please contact a Brotherhood Mutual agent or refer to policy documents. Faith Ventures is a collaboration of Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company and Fly For Good®.