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Legal Guidance for Ministries

Our Legal Assist attorneys provide complimentary risk management guidance in response to your questions about ministry-related legal issues, including ministry security, child protection, contracts, religious freedom, and more.

Request their help by completing this online form. On normal business days they’ll make every effort to answer within two to ten business days, depending on the complexity of the request.

For more urgent matters, you can also call 800.333.3735 during these hours to speak to an attorney.

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*Important information: Brotherhood Mutual is pleased to provide Legal Assist as a complimentary resource. The services we offer through Legal Assist are intended to provide general legal information to our current and prospective policyholders.The information we provide is intended to be helpful, but it does not constitute legal advice and is not a substitute for the advice from a licensed attorney in your area. Accordingly, no attorney/client relationship is created through this process, and no legal advice will be provided. We strongly encourage you to regularly consult with a local attorney as part of your risk management program.