2015 Annual Report Celebrates Ministries That Make a Difference

FORT WAYNE, IND., April 28, 2016: When hope is dearly needed, ministries resolve to shine. That’s why Brotherhood Mutual celebrates the work of more than 52,000 ministry customers in its 2015 Annual Report.

In the face of terrorist bombings, a refugee crisis, and a host of other issues dominating the news in 2015, ministries our company insures pressed on. Non-profit organizations from around the globe reached out to serve more than 200,000 refugees pouring into Europe, including Adventures in Missions and e3 Partners.

Back home, ministries like Harvest Christian Fellowship pursued their everyday mission of helping people get to know God.

Ministries make a difference. Because of that, Brotherhood Mutual is always exploring new and better ways to serve them. We also maintain a solid financial base, so they have the resources to recover from losses that would be devastating without insurance.

Ministry matters to Brotherhood Mutual. Take a minute to learn why.

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