Brotherhood Mutual Offers Grace Period to Customers in Illinois “Disaster Areas” of DeKalb and Ogle Counties

FORT WAYNE, IND., April 20, 2015: Effective immediately, Brotherhood Mutual will offer a grace period to policyholders in “designated disaster areas” of Illinois to pay their policy premiums, as requested by the Illinois Department of Insurance. The grace period will end on June 9, 2015.

Designated Disaster Areas Identified by County

Brotherhood Mutual also will not cancel any policy for non-payment of premium in Illinois counties of DeKalb and Ogle, both of which have been designated disaster areas by the Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner.

Policyholders will continue to receive regular billings while the grace period is in effect. The company’s customer service department will monitor policies in disaster areas to ensure that customers do not receive a cancellation notice before the grace period expires. This action is not a “waiver of premium,” but rather an extension of the grace period that would normally be in place when premiums are not paid by the due date.

Offer Extends to Both Mail and EFT Payments

Although this “grace period” offer is available to all policyholders in designated disaster areas, it is optional. If you are a Brotherhood Mutual customer and choose to do so, you can pay your policy premiums as regularly scheduled. The offer includes policies that are manually paid through the mail or those paid by Electronic Fund Transfer. In all cases, Brotherhood Mutual will work with policyholders if they have difficulty repaying premiums that would have been due during the 60-day grace period.


If you are a customer and have questions about this temporary offer, please contact your Brotherhood Mutual agent or the company’s customer service department at 800 333-3735. Brotherhood Mutual's customer service representatives will monitor policies in disaster areas during the grace period.