California SB 1159 and AB 1751 COVID-19 Claims Reporting Procedure   

December 8, 2022: Brotherhood Mutual has established a COVID-19 claims reporting procedure that California workers’ compensation policyholders are encouraged to use to comply with reporting requirements set forth by SB 1159 (signed into law on September 17, 2020) and AB 1751. 

California’s governor signed AB 1751 into law on September 29, 2022. The law maintains the requirement for:

  1. Employers to report key information about any of its employees testing positive for COVID-19.

  2. The inclusion of the 2019 novel coronavirus as a compensable workers’ compensation injury under specific circumstances until January 1, 2024.

To fulfill the new reporting requirement, the company created a reporting form for our customers to use:

  • California SB 1159 and AB 1751 COVID-19 Reporting Requirements (M566 12/22)

You can download this form by clicking this link:

In addition to Form M566 form, ministries with a workers’ compensation claim for an employee asserting a work-related COVID-19 exposure should file the claim in the usual manner.

Please take a moment to review the reporting requirements and form. 


If you have questions about the state’s new reporting requirements, please contact your Brotherhood Mutual agent or call Customer Service at 800-380-5474.