Protect Your Property
with Smart Technology


Together, Brotherhood Mutual and Notion are helping our customers protect their ministry or school property.

Notion is a smart security system, powered by multifunctional wireless sensors and a smartphone app. The sensors can monitor for water leaks, sounding smoke alarms, temperature changes, and moving doors and windows, sending smartphone alerts the second there’s a problem.

Brotherhood Mutual and Notion have partnered to help ministries reduce the risk of costly and disruptive damage, especially when the facility is unoccupied.

Current Brotherhood Mutual customers can purchase Notion kits and accessories at a discount at See your Brotherhood Mutual agent for details and a discount code.*
*Offer not available where prohibited by law.

How Notion Works

Notion sensor


Notion Sensors detect water leaks, opening doors and windows, freezing pipes and sounding alarms.

Notion bridge


The Notion Bridge connects to your WiFi to relay information from each sensor to your smartphone.

Notion app


The Notion smartphone app allows you to receive alerts and manage your system from anywhere.

Getting Started with Notion

Notion Install Guide

This guide will walk you through the installation process to quickly get your ministry protected.


Take your Notion system to the next level with NotionPRO 24/7 professional monitoring. Your first three months are provided by Brotherhood Mutual ($45 value, existing customers only).

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