Background Screening Options

Based on your ministry's needs

The type of background check you choose for a particular employee or volunteer will depend upon their role in your ministry. Certain positions, like those that involve children or finances, may require more scrutiny than others.

Many background screening providers offer different screening options, to make it easier for churches and related ministries to customize their screening programs based on their unique needs. Look for a background screening provider that's willing to work with your ministry to create a screening program and package that best fits your needs. You may want to consider a couple of different types of packages, depending on what role your prospective employees and/or volunteers are going to fill.

Reputation Matters

When it comes to background screening, be sure to choose a reputable provider. Brotherhood Mutual feels confident working with the following companies:

  • SafeMinistry Solutions offers a 360 safe ministry solution that includes comprehensive background screening options for volunteers and employees, automated reference checks, ArrestAlert real-time notifications, church volunteer management, virtual learning for volunteers and staff on violence prevention, child abuse and informed intuition, and Safety Abuse Faith Environments (S.A.F.E.) assessments. Visit SafeMinistry Solutions website to determine what services best fit your ministry’s needs.

  • C4 Operations strives to make your hiring and background screening process easier. It offers customized packages, provides 24/7 support, and performs live searches of county criminal records. Watch a video or schedule a demo on C4 Operations’ website.

  • Protect My Ministry is another reputable provider of background screening services. The company specializes in helping ministries implement and maintain a thorough background screening program for employees, staff, and volunteers. Check out Protect My Ministry online to learn more.