Preventing a Flood of Devastation from Plumbing Leaks

The Benefits of Intelligent Flow Based Leak Detection and Water Shut Off Devices

Drip...Drip...Drip... Somewhere in your ministry building, droplets of water are beginning to cause damage. It’s most likely happening in a spot you won’t notice until it’s too late -- behind a wall or under a rarely used sink. What happens when a drip turns into a deluge? “A leak of just two drops-per-second adds up to about 77 gallons in just one week,” said Chuck DeSmet, founder of FloLogic, a company that specializes in plumbing leak detection. “Imagine the serious damage this would cause in a wing of your ministry building that is not used during the week or in a school while everyone is out over Christmas break.”

An average water claim can cost upward of $25,000 to even several hundred thousand dollars, depending on the amount of damage to walls, ceilings, flooring, furniture, books, computers, musical instruments, and audio equipment. Plus, your ministry may need to find another place to meet while spaces and items are being dried out, restored, or reconstructed. The good news is that plumbing leaks are almost entirely preventable.

Detecting Leaks and Shutting Them Down Early

How do we go from drip, drip, drip, to a deluge of water making its way down the aisle of your sanctuary? Most commonly, damage is caused by a sudden flood of water due to burst pipes or a failed plumbing fitting. When a water pipe leaks, its location can determine the severity of the damage it causes. For example, pipes in attics or ceilings can flood attic spaces before flowing down through walls, soaking everything in its path.

This is where being able to not only detect a leak, but also being able to get the water shut off right away really comes into play when it comes to preventing damage.

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“In helping our ministry customers investigate options for flow based leak detection and water damage prevention, we’re pretty excited about the benefits that intelligent leak control devices like FloLogic offer,” said Matt Parmerlee, a risk control manager with Brotherhood Mutual. “These devices constantly monitor your building for the tiniest leak and can even automatically shut off the water.”

How it Works

The FloLogic intelligent leak detection device is installed on the main water supply line as it enters the building. It constantly monitors water flow. Whenever the device detects flow that exceeds a preset duration based on if the building is occupied or not, it automatically shuts off the water. It also sends an alert via a smartphone app so users know as soon as there’s an issue. “When looking for a solution for Brotherhood Mutual customers, FloLogic was an obvious choice. It’s easy to install and operate, and it can help protect insureds from destructive plumbing leaks,” noted Parmerlee.

When evaluating leak detection technology, DeSmet says to keep the following in mind:

  1. "Flow based" leak detection that can automatically shut off water offers more protection than devices that are designed to only “sense” a leak and alert you. Most of the water leak detection solutions available—especially inexpensive, DIY products—are designed to notice water that accumulates under the sensor. While these types of sensors can be placed in leak-prone areas, such as visible areas under a toilet or hidden beneath a sink, they can’t be placed behind walls, beneath floors, and above ceilings where potential pipe leaks lurk. Some require frequent battery changes, and many aren’t linked to shutoff valves.

    While being alerted to the presence of a leak is helpful, there are options that offer more comprehensive protection.

  2. When looking at more comprehensive leak detection protection, like FloLogic, check to see if it detects all flow and if it starts at a half ounce per minute (about a drip per second) - 24/7. With many leak control devices, the flow sensors only start to see flow (and leaks) at around two cups per minute, but this can miss smaller leaks that still cause damage.

  3. FloLogic is with you every step of the way. Their world class customer service can help you order the correct size or answer questions about the device. They also make sure you have access to a plumber and offer plenty of help when setting up the water shutoff valve.

“Our FloLogic device offers powerful real-time detection of leaks of virtually any size, which means that it is constantly guarding against potentially damaging and wasteful leaks without interrupting normal water use,” said DeSmet.

If you have questions about ways to protect your property, contact Brotherhood Mutual at 800-333-3735 and ask to speak to a member of the Risk Control team. You can also email them at

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