Training Camp Staff

Training your camp ministry's staff protects campers

What Staff Training Should Include

Some areas to cover during staff training include:

  • Camp policies: Review such issues as weapons, smoking, drug/alcohol use or possession, guests, and facilities use.
  • Behavior guidelines: Explain how staff members are expected to interact with campers and each other.
  • Emergency procedures: Discuss and rehearse the proper response to emergency situations, such as fires, lightning, and natural disasters. Act out an evacuation, so everyone understands what role they’re to play.
  • Healthcare issues: Explain the staff’s role in administering first aid, obtaining professional medical care, notifying parents, and documenting injuries. 
  • Abuse prevention and reporting: Describe procedures staff must follow to prevent children from being abused emotionally, physically, or sexually. Outline the reporting requirements staff must follow if they suspect a camper is being abused (at camp or at home).

Counselors supervising high-risk activities, such as swimming, ropes courses, or rock climbing, require additional training and professional certification. Check out our safety library for Christian camps here.