A Warning about Water Walking Balls

These water amusements prove to be a hazard that isn't worth the risk

Summer camps are full of activities that encourage people to broaden their horizons and try new things, but one water amusement may prove to be a hazard that isn't worth the risk, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Water walking balls have become popular at camps and resorts. They carry various brand and ride names, but they essentially are large, see­ through, plastic balls inflated by a blower through a zipper opening. The rider is locked inside and can roll around on various surfaces, including water, ice, and glass.

The Product Safety Commission urges consumers to stop using water walking balls due to potential risks of suffocation, drowning, and impact injuries. It issued a consumer alert in March 2011 stating that "it didn't know of any safe way" to use the product. The Commission has told state amusement ride officials of the risks associated with the product and is encouraging state officials not to permit this ride in their state.