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Building and Training Your Team

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Build Your Security Team For Success

One of the first steps toward protecting your church is creating a safety and security team. Team members may need to make split-second decisions with lives on the line. Recruiting the right people and training them properly is critical. If you’re considering starting a safety and security team at your church, or refining your existing team’s processes, this presentation is a must-see.

What You Will Learn

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How to engage church leaders about safety and security

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How to plan and launch a security team for your ministry

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Next steps to maintain your ministry team for long-term success



Bob Johnson - Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company

Bob Johnson

Bob has served as the director of safety and security for Christ’s Church of the Valley in Peoria, Arizona, since 2005. He served in the Phoenix Police Department for 23 years and the Arizona Army National Guard for 20 years. Today, in addition to his duties at Christ’s Church of the Valley, Bob actively assists other ministries in starting safety and security teams. He also conducts ministry security seminars across the country.

Corinne Cable, JD - Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company

Corinne Cable, JD

Corinne is a senior corporate attorney at Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company. She assists ministries with risk management, focusing on the areas of employment, counseling, safety and security, facility use, and workers’ compensation. Corinne received her Juris Doctorate and Master of Business Administration degrees from Valparaiso University and is licensed by the Indiana Supreme Court.