Church Safety & Security

Covering Midweek Activities

Church facilities are often open seven days a week. Protecting the people who participate in midweek activities may require a unique approach from your safety and security team. Learn the best practices for keeping your ministry safe throughout the week.

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Approximate Run Time: 1 hour

What will you learn?

  • How to assess potentially dangerous situations and resolve them safely
  • Procedures to help protect employees and volunteers during the week
  • Training topics for security personnel, general volunteers, and staff members

About the presenters:

Bob JohnsonBob Johnson has served as the director of safety and security for Christ’s Church of the Valley in Peoria, Arizona, since 2005. He served on the Phoenix Police Department for 23 years and the Arizona Army National Guard for 20 years. Today, in addition to his duties at Christ’s Church of the Valley, Johnson actively assists other ministries in starting safety and security teams. He also conducts ministry security seminars across the country.

Bob WildBob Wild is the senior director of strategic alliances at Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company. He worked as the director of finance and administration for two mega churches over the past 20 years: Vineyard Christian Fellowship of North Phoenix and Christ's Church of the Valley, both located in the Phoenix area. Wild has served on several boards including the local Phoenix NACBA chapter, CCV Youth Sports Inc., the largest nonprofit youth sports program in Arizona, Financial Planning Ministry and the Boys and Girls Club in Austin, Texas, among others.

At the time of this recording, C. Kay Landwehr, JD was an associate attorney at Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company. After joining the company in 2011, she assisted ministries with risk management, focusing on the areas of child protection, employment law, workers’ compensation, and safety and security.


The information provided in this webinar is intended to be helpful, but it does not constitute legal advice and is not a substitute for the advice from a licensed attorney in your area.

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