The Deacon's Bench

The Deacon’s Bench is published three times a year and focuses on practical risk management guidance to help today's Christian ministries thrive. From preparing for a medical emergency to protecting the youngest members of your church, The Deacon's Bench covers topics that affect your ministry every day.


Deacon's Bench - Outreach Issue
The Outreach Issue

Navigating the changing landscape of outreach ministry.

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Deacon's Bench - Volunteers Issue
The Volunteers Issue

Managing the many hands that make light work.

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Deacon's Bench - Workplace Issue
Strengthen Your Ministry Workplace

Keep an eye on these five national trends.

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Deacon's Bench - Churchboards Issue
Recipe for a Healthy Church Board

Offering church boards a recipe for success.

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Church Security: A Wake-up Call

Preparing for active threats and health emergencies.

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Deacon's Bench - Bearing Burdens
Bearing Burdens

Brotherhood Mutual's 100 Years of serving the church.


Deacon's Bench - Missions Issue
Plan Your Next Mission Trip

Simplify your preparation by following these six steps.


Deacon's Bench - Child Safety Issue
Improving Child Safety

Even a small church can meet high standards.


Deacon's Bench - Data Security Issue
Data Security

Learn how to guard your ministry against digital risks.



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