When a Crisis Hits, You're Not Alone

Kidnap and ransom coverage isn’t just for overseas travelers or large corporate CEOs. All organizations—including Christian churches, schools, and camps—face increasingly familiar threats, including:

  • “Express kidnapping”

  • Child abduction

  • Disappearance

  • Extortion

  • Threat of violence

The first moments of any crisis are often critical—knowing how to respond is key. Unfortunately, ministry administrators and staff quickly can become overwhelmed. Crisis response experts can help guide your ministry’s actions in a calm, measured manner. Brotherhood Mutual’s Kidnap and Ransom (K & R) Coverage includes*:

  • 24/7 access to an expert response team to help guide your resolution to situations involving kidnap, detention, threat, cyber terrorism, or extortion, regardless of your organization’s stance on paying ransom.

  • Payment for the victim’s recovery care.

  • Domestic and international coverage, with no territory exclusions.

  • Protection against personal financial loss.

  • Support for temporary security measures following a cyber extortion attempt.

  • Reimbursement for ransom payments and experts hired to act as liaisons with authorities, the media, and families.

  • Coverage for injury or death caused by a kidnapping, hijack, or detention.

K & R Coverage allows your ministry to continue to serve boldly. Protect the people who make your organization what it is. Contact your Brotherhood Mutual agent to learn more about K & R Coverage.

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*Some coverages as agreed by the provider. Kidnap & Ransom Coverage provided by Hiscox.