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Protect Your Mission – Anywhere in the World

Global outreach efforts can be crippled by unexpected losses like injury to foreign-based workers, international litigation, foreign detention, or other claims. Whether you are a church, denominational headquarters, mission organization, or other Christian ministry, your people need protection that journeys with them where they’re called to go, regardless of how long or how far.

Global Mission Protection from Brotherhood Mutual provides the peace of mind you need when operating in a foreign country. Whether you have a school, long-term missionaries, or other foreign operations, know you’re protected for the most comprehensive range of covered losses with Brotherhood Mutual’s new Global Mission Protection program.


Mission Protection for Your Organization
Brotherhood Mutual has developed a program for international missions work. Global Mission Protection allows you to take your Brotherhood Mutual ministry-specific liability coverages with you anywhere in the world. Protect your foreign ministry operations with specialized foreign liability coverages.

Global Mission Protection includes three key elements that, when combined, provide unparalleled protection:

A Brotherhood Mutual policy with its broad range of ministry-specific liability coverages.


Worldwide Liability and Medical Extension
A coverage endorsement that allows customers to extend their MinistryFirst liability coverages to include extended foreign ministry operations anywhere in the world.


Foreign Commercial Package Policy
A foreign commercial package policy for international risk.



Critical Coverages for Global Outreach

Brotherhood Mutual’s Global Mission Protection delivers optional coverage for short-term and long-term (more than 60 days) international missions.

  • Allows you to extend most MinistryFirst policy liability coverages for ongoing foreign operations, including:
    • sexual acts liability
    • employment practices liability
    • religious freedom protection
    • cyber liability
  • Provides additional coverages for foreign trips and operations, including:
    • short term trip kidnap and extortion
    • short term trip terrorism-related trip interruption
    • death benefits for leaders
    • foreign operations image restoration
  • Provides coverage for claims and suits filed anywhere in the world against your ministry.
  • Offers foreign voluntary workers’ comp coverage options.
  • Comes with 24/7 access to foreign emergency assistance and services.

*Coverage for extended foreign ministry operations can be provided as part of the Global Mission Protection program. Talk to your Brotherhood Mutual agent for additional information if you are interested in extending coverage for ongoing foreign operations and travel.

This is a brief description of coverages offered by Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company, Faith Ventures, International Medical Group, Hiscox, and Brotherhood Mutual approved foreign commercial lines carriers.


Additional Insurance and Services


Foreign Commercial Property Coverage
For ministry-owned property outside the U.S., like a clinic or school, and property in transit.

For use when a medical, political, or security emergency evacuation of non-nationals in a host country is critical.

Vehicle Coverage
Protect your organization and vehicles inside the U.S. and additional options for vehicles in foreign countries.

Foreign Voluntary Workers’ Compensation
Similar to a workers’ compensation policy, this coverage is designed for employees located in a foreign country and protects against employment-related losses.

International Health & Medical Coverage / Accidental Death and Dismemberment
Provides an emergency medical blanket coverage for all travelers, with no individual sign-ups. Affordable major medical solution for ministries with people living in foreign locations.




Kidnap & Ransom Coverage

Kidnap and Ransom coverage is more than an insurance policy. It’s a lifeline designed to support your ministry as you navigate the turbulence of a kidnap or ransom crisis.

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Medical Coverage: Find the Right Fit

Trying to decide which medical coverage best suits your ministry and travelers? Download our brochure to help compare the various coverages.

Unsure of the best coverage for your needs? Call Brotherhood Mutual at 800.876.4994.

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*Not a military evacuation.

This is a brief description of coverages offered by Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company, Faith Ventures, International Medical Group, Hiscox, and Brotherhood Mutual approved foreign commercial lines carriers. It does not provide coverage of any kind, nor does it modify the terms associated with any policy. Some coverages may not be available in all states. All coverages are subject to conditions, coverage limits, limitations, and exclusions. For coverage details, please contact a Brotherhood Mutual agent or refer to policy documents.

Optional coverages are available at an additional cost. Faith Ventures is a collaboration of Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company and Fly For Good®.